Core Brand: CoShield Global

CoShield Global is the core brand and encompasses the protection and prevention products and services, including the sanitation stations.

Previously the brand was established in varying company names and themes across the globe.

In 2020, the company separated from the Group Buying and Procurement departments and consolidated the regional brands and previous sub-brands into CoShield Global and established the domain to execute the universal principal name and brand.


Regional Brands: Shield Sanitation brand family


CoShield Global encompasses sub-brands developed in different regions over time, including Shield in United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Sanitation dispenser stands, previously known as Shield Sanitation, is now incorporated in the core brand CoShield Global – although following this the dispenser is frequently referred to as a ‘shield’. The is now re-directed to the global CoShield site.



The CoShield sanitation dispenser stands, firstly known as Ilona in Europe and United Kingdom, is now incorporated in the core brand CoShield Global. With strong brand recognition of Ilona in Europe and globally, the brand remains and is sold predominantly in France and the United Kingdom.