Greater Good


The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) are organized and mobilized to respond to natural disasters. You will find RRT in times of tragedy and crisis through fire and flood, replenishing  emergency services crews on the ground and around the clock until the crisis is averted. CoShield supports the RRT for the exemplary charitable work with emergency services in most countries which we serve.


Youth, Homeless & Disabilities

Through the RRT network, catering is provided at youth events, Police events, and health and disability events, to give a little something back event to participants, volunteers and organizers. Support is given to state and local Government initiatives for the homeless, including providing food and clothing.


Educating Innovation

CoShield supports education at over 130 campuses in 20 countries, including cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Auckland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With an innovative approach to learning, delivered in cutting-edge, technology-empowered physical and digital learning environments, these schools are preparing life-ready students who learn how to learn. The schools challenges traditional and dated pedagogy and embrace technology to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for the students.