Research & Innovation

CoShield are constantly innovating through research on new products and the demands of consumers and Government standards.

When relevant, CoShield has been in communication with Government officials for consultation for topics such as the necessary certification and quality standards, prediction of demand in medical consumables, talks with members of parliament regarding borders and international trading.

An example of this is the Sanitation Stations by CoShield which were developed to create a dispenser that is entirely mechanical, hands free, offering simple installation and maintenance and is successful with high usage in footfall spaces.

Research and innovation doesn’t begin in the workplace and, through the Greater Good program, CoShield supports education in 20 countries, including cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Auckland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Team Development

At CoShield, we encourage a learning mindset to help hone current skills and learn new ones. We’re leveraging LinkedIn Learning recommendations to give our staff opportunities to take their career to the next level.

The core capabilities of customer service, teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills and focus on results are the foundation of your learning journey. CoShield invested in this to ensure everyone has the skills they need to perform at their best and would strongly recommend this to other businesses.